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This site is a web platform operated by Star Energy Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Star Energy"), and we have the right to privacy for each user We are obliged to collect, use, process and protect your personal information. Please use this website to read and follow this policy before using any of the services on this website.


First, the scope of application

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use, processing and protection of personal data in the event of your site, but does not apply to other sites linked to this website. Any other website linked to this website has its own exclusive privacy protection and information security policy, regardless of the site has nothing to do, this site is not responsible for any joint and several liability. When you are on these sites, regarding the protection of personal data, apply the privacy policy of each site.


Second, personal data protection

  1. In order to allow this site to be managed, and to make this site users Star Electric Corporation and Star Energy Corporation relationship between the business, partners of the service, this site before you use the site service, this site will ask you Provide personal information, including: name, contact, occupation ... and so on to identify your personal information. You may refuse to provide the foregoing information, but this will prevent you from using the services of this website.
  2. Your personal information and your own personal information on this website will be based on your identification of the use of this website, Star Energy Corporation within the purpose of Star Energy Corporation, Star Energy Corporation of the relationship between enterprises, partners In the context of the Service and in accordance with the terms of this website and the terms of this Privacy Policy, to collect, process and utilize.
  3. For your personal information, you have the right to view the request to StarCoricon in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
  4. The personal data collected on this website will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the relevant legal requirements. This site will never sell, exchange, rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private enterprises. Except in the following cases:  
    • Coordinate with the investigation of the judicial units, with the relevant authorities to investigate or use the job needs.
    • Based on goodwill believe that exposing to legal needs or for the maintenance and improvement of web services for management.
    • To protect the property and interests of Star Energy Corporation; or to ensure the safety of our users or the public in case of emergency.
  5. If you enter any of the contents of this site that contain personal information from others, you are required to warrant that the content provided by you is provided by Star Energy Corporation, Star Energy Corporation's affiliates or partners legally and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this website Policy collection, processing and utilization. If you do not belong to the legal information provided by others, this website can be dealt with according to the law, if caused by Star Energy Corporation, Star Energy Corporation of the relationship between business or partner damage, Star Energy Corporation, Star Energy Corporation relationship Business or partner and you are required to claim compensation.
  6. Please keep any of your personal information and do not send any of your personal information to others. After you leave this site, please remember to close the browser window, if you share the computer or public computer with others to browse this site, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or speech. Please inform this website immediately if you find that your personal data has been used illegally or if there is any abnormality.
  7. If you have any questions or comments regarding this site's privacy policy, please contact us by contacting us, contact mailbox . If this website has violated the privacy policy of this website, please reply to the letter.

Third, the right to modify the privacy policy

This site has the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time, and you should always review this site's privacy policy. When the privacy policy of this website is subject to significant changes, a notice will be posted on the website. You are welcome to visit the latest version of this website at any time.


Fourth, the handling of personal data, the use of

  • Your personal data provided to this website, you agree and allow this site for any legitimate use.
  • You agree that Star Energy Corporation will be able to collect, process or use the information you provide if you have any other non-business management and service related.
  • All information you provide to this site, you authorize and agree that Star Energy Corporation is able to reproduce, modify, adapt or otherwise use all or part of the Content and use the Content to produce derivative works.